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The Genesis of ANTIOCH BIBLE FELLOWSHIP shall not be attributed to a work begun by man, but as a move of the Holy Spirit instituted and ordained by God. Because of this - the ministry shall be known as a church with a:


1) MANDATE - In obedience to Mathew 28:19- 20. Antioch Bible Fellowship desires to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples for the kingdom of God.


2) MISSION - In accordance to Luke 19:10, we are to seek out those who are lost, disenfranchised, and those who have given up on life in general. According to Acts 1:8 we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of His goodness to those in the city, county, country, and entire world.


3) MESSAGE - Through relevant, biblical preaching, the disciples of ANTIOCH BIBLE FELLOWSHIP will be equipped and empowered to take the message of Jesus Christ to the masses concerning salvation, deliverance, and the work and role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.