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Intercessory Prayer Ministry: This ministry intercedes and prays for the Pastor, First Family and church ministry.


Men's Fellowship: This gathering of men provides time of instruction on how to be Godly men according to the Bible.


Ministry Team: These are the men and women who are called by God to preach the gospel and serve under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Frank T. White Sr.


Ministry Of Education: Including Sunday School, Children’s Church, Teen Fellowship and New Disciples Class; the Ministry of Education sets the foundation for spiritual growth.


Multimedia Ministry: This ministry incorporates the control of sound quality and the CD/Tape ministry during services.


Music Ministry: These talented individuals unite as a team to play instruments for the glory of God.


New Disciples Class: Newly joined disciples are privately taught foundational principle of Christianity, expectations placed upon them by the ministry and what they should expect from the ministry before released into the general body of believers.